The first theme "EL COLLECTIVE GAME" consists of 3 volumes or books:
→ Volume 1.1: The Collective Game.
→ Volume 1.2: The Basics of Collective Play.
→ Volume 1.3: The Collective Situations.
In this volume 1.2 book "The Foundations of Collective Play" is exposed and analyzed
In depth the concept of collective actions, as the most important aspect
That the player manifests during his activity in a match, and that usually does not
Is systematically included in planning and programming
Of the training, nor in the analyzes and corrections to be made on the competition.
• Given these characteristics, we consider this player activity as
A "new subject" that must be developed to get their training
Complete. Acquiring this learning will help correct most
The errors that are manifested in the competition, and that are the most frequent cause
Which cause the loss of the ball (in attack) and the ending of the opponent
(in Defence).
• Collective actions are exposed and developed through the inclusion of
Training goals (which we call and considered
Universal "), and which refer to each of the situations in which
The ones that you can find the player:
- With ball.
- No ball in attack.
- No ball in defense.

PORTADA VOL 1.2  Los Fundamentos del Juego ColectivoPORTADA VOL 1.2 Los Fundamentos del Juego Colectivo